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Practices over 95% of words
from our Grade 1 List
Levels 1-12.
Grade Level - 1.4
Grade 1 - 4th month
Practices all words from
LEVEL 15 - Grade 1 List
 Reviews most difficult words from all previous levels.
Grade Level - 1.5
Grade 1 - 5th month
Practices all words from
LEVEL 16 - Grade 1 List
 Reviews most difficult words from all previous levels.
Grade Level - 1.5
Grade 1 - 5th month


The reading books above are specially designed to match exactly with 
our Grade 1 Reading Vocabulary Lists on TampaReads.com. 
 Make sure your child has practiced Levels 1-12 before reading TRIP TO FOX MOUNTAIN
and Levels 1-15 before reading STOP THAT BUS.
The reason each book is so effective at boosting reading progress is
because it is written using several unique strategies:
TRIP TO FOX MOUNTAIN was written using only vocabulary from our Grade 1 - Level 1-12 lists
and STOP THAT BUS uses the Level 15 vocabulary while also using the
more difficult words from previous Levels.


The real key for solidifying memorization of the words comes from how the words
are used in the book.  When a word from the current vocabulary list is used,
you'll notice it is then used again within the next  5-10 seconds and again several times
immediately following that.  This is done so the word will not drop out
of the child's short term memory and therefore is given enough practice to be
one step closer to becoming a part of the child's permanent reading memory.

This same repetition trick is done with the more difficult to learn "Words of the Day"
and includes such words as - want - where - were - what - now - know - does - was - etc.

The end result is that each book sequentially introduces the 10 new list words
in a manner that greatly enhances memorization while also repeating words
from the previous levels which are known to be more difficult for students.


Another feature being added to the books which greatly enhances the
child's ability to "sound-out" words is our color-coding strategy.
Just as used in our Reading Wall Lists, we are in the process of color-coding
the vowel sounds in each word.  Red are short - blue are long - green are other
vowel sounds such as - "r-controlled" and diphthongs.
This enables the child to immediately identify the proper vowel sound
and to then use it properly in the "sounding-out" - Stop at the Vowel Sound technique.

Underneath each book link at the top of the page is the rated grade level for the book.
For example, TRIP TO FOX MOUNTAIN is rated at grade level - "1.4."
This means that a child in 1st Grade - 4th month of school  (just after Thanksgiving)
should be able to read this book without a problem.  STOP THAT BUS is rated "1.5"
which means a child in 1st Grade - 5th month (just before Superbowl)
should be able to read this book fluently.  If the child is unable to do so -
then it is time to go back and practice Levels 1-15 on the STUDENT READING WALL.
This breakthrough strategy will work faster than any other method to date
for quickly improving reading ability.


It is our goal at TampaReads.com and ReadingKey.com
to develop a complete series of books that are specially written using
vocabulary words from each list in our Grade 1 Vocabulary Building Program.
As an added feature, future books will be written to encourage positive values
such as honesty and sharing as well as give students skills in addressing 
behavioral issues from name calling to pushing in lunch line.
The end result will be a wonderful series of books that will not only greatly
accelerate the learning to read process, but will also help minimize future
behavior problems typically observed in elementary age children.

Some of the things we've done to make reading our online reading books
a truly enjoyable experience include -

Oversize and extra wide spaced words for easy viewing -

Color coding of the vowel sounds

Colorful pictures to the left of each text paragraph.

Mouse pointing ability for guiding child's visual clues

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