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Lightning Student Practice
Students can now practice ReadingKEY Lightning word lists without teacher assistance. Includes audio buttons students click to teach words and sounds and our stopwatch timer and bar graph. Great way to occupy students' time with a meaningful activity while you work with other students. Excellent small group activity students can do together. Students love timing each other on the lists! Audio currently completed through Lesson 9. Lessons 10-36 to be added soon!
Lightning Student Login
Students sign-in to work on their individual ReadingKEY Lightning program but should be done with a teacher knowledgeable assistant. All progress and performance is recorded to the student database. Before using this options - Teacher's must first assign student usernames and passwords from their own RKLightning teacher database.
Mr. Ed Phonics & Phonemic Awareness Tutor - No Teacher Needed
Great activity for non-readers, non-english speaking students or anyone who needs practice with learning the consonant and vowel sounds and phonemic awareness. This activity uses highly detailed cartoon videos to teach and correct students when a wrong answe is made. The activity shows a CVC word and students must click the correct letter for the first, middle and last sound in each word from two choices. Picking from two choices (called recognition memory) is much easier and allows students to learn fast and participate without frustration. The best part is - students can use this without any teacher involvement, thereby freeing up your time for other class activities!
Mr. Ed Math Tutor - No Teachers Needed
Students can now learn the essential Grade 1 math computational skills without any teacher assistance! Mr. Ed uses a creative drag and drop procedure to teach the math skills - step by step by step. Unlike other online math programs that give feedback only after the entire problem is completed, Mr. Ed is watching carefully as the student works each step in problem. At the exact moment a mistake is made - a brief cartoon video plays tellilng what was done wrong and how to do it correctly. How's that for efficiency! Students can only advance to a higher skill when they have shown mastery by answering 8 out of 10 problems correct.

Math Fact Genius - No Teacher Needed
Attention Teachers! It's a FACT! Students simply cannot learn long division, fractions, percent or any advanced math concepts until all 100 multiplication facts are totally and completely memorized. This unique program includes a baseline pre-test and our new HotDogger mode which uses special memory tricks and reward videos to help with practicing only the math facts that were not correct in the pre-test. Teachers can view highly detailed results from their MFGenius database.
MathKEY Skills Test Student Login - Grades 1, 2 & 3 - No Teacher Needed!
The MathKEY Skills Test will tell you precisely what math skills your student knows and does not know. Students log-in and pick which Grade and nine-week period to begin. You then sit back and relax! The program then shows text describing the math test question and plays audio reading the text and further explains what needs to be done. This allows non-readers to take the test. Students then choose answers using multiple choice or drag and drop. While a 9 week test segment typically takes 45-60 minutes, students can stop anytime and resume at anytime. Results are added to database upon completion of each math problem. Teachers can view math results for all students online, but must first add students to their MathKEY Skills Test database and assign passwords at