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ReadingKEY Testimonials

Your program is truly the best I've come across in over 30 years of teaching.  It took me about a half a year to convince by colleague but she is a die hard believer now!  At conferences and workshops I am always telling my fellow teachers -- you've just 'gotta' try this.
Marie Barnett
Earle Brown Elementary
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

My oldest son placed 1st in his school district 2004 Literary Rally. I attribute this success to the strong vocabulary foundation that was laid using this powerful but simple program. If you have children that do not know their grade level vocabulary words I strongly recommend the (ReadingKEY) program. It can turn D students into A students. I know I did it!
Mrs. Richie Collins -
Home School Mom
La Place, LA 

After using your program for only 6 weeks, I have seen an incredible increase in my students' reading abilities.
Kelly Turley - Teacher
Seaview Elementary
San Pablo, CA

We wanted to express our appreciation to you for developing your ReadingKey program.  Our elementary school implemented your program 3 years ago and have seen significant growth in our state mandated test scores in all curriculum areas.
Robert Rominex - Principal
Houchin Elementary School
Moore, Oklahoma

NOTE:  One year after Houchin Elementary purchased a Site License for their school, their school district (Moore Public Schools) purchased a ReadingKey county-wide site license for all 20 of their elementary schools.

I'm just sooo thrilled with Tampareads (ReadingKEY) since my son started school.  His teacher was so amazed with his reading that she wanted to skip him to the first grade... Hooked on Phonics was my first approach and I had no success whatsoever.  Once again, a billion thanks.
Debbie Hunter - Parent
Sacramento, California

I must say that I think this is the best site I've seen on reading--and I've seen many.  You've developed a no nonsense approach that makes a lot of sense.  I'm just sorry that I didn't see it sooner.
Ralph Sassano -
Grade 3 Teacher
Lakeview Elementary School -
Mahopac, NY

This program is wonderful.  I have only used it for one week and my students love it. 
Jane Armstrong
Central Catholic School
St. Louis, MO

UNBELIEVABLE! - - I happened upon your site as a fluke and the results are phenomenal.  Your program has helped my little boy so much! With your program and some supplementary materials,  he is now making unbelievable reading progress. Thank you -
Maggie Shaw
Canton, Georgia

Thank you for developing this AWESOME program.  I am an EC teacher who is working with two students who are (were) non-readers.  We are on Lesson 6 and my students are so excited about learning to read.  I was amazed at how much they can recall - in fact, they remember all words.  I just had to brag!  We have readers now!
Jennifer Lowry - EC Teacher -
Union Elementary -
Shallotte, North Carolina

I love this program !!!!!     I have looked all year for some that benefit my students and yours is the best.
Sarah Bush -
Special Ed. Resource
Church Hill Middle School
Church Hill, Tennessee

This program has been wonderful for my son.  He has advanced leaps and bounds since beginning your program.  He and I both are very pleased.
Heather Decker
Home School Mom
Las Vegas, Nevada

I love your product!  My 6 year old daughter is such an awesome reader because of the "stop at the vowel" teaching method. She easily reads 3rd grade level words, and is able to think through even more difficult. She beams and says, "Look, I just stopped at the vowel."  You have helped her fall in love with reading.
Alisha Bartlett -
Home School Parent
Minot, North Dakota

The results have been nothing short of astounding.  For more than three years now, I have taught both Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and mainstream students using the TampaRead's (ReadingKey) program.  Tracking the progress of both student groups reveals that the LEP students achieve literacy and exit the program at a faster rate and that the native speakers achieve on-level reading status more quickly.  It is high interest in nature and produces clearly measurable results.
Guy DeZarn
Patrick Henry Elementary
Alexandria, Virginia

I ordered the (TampaRead's ReadingKey) program in 2000.  I have used it every year since I have bought it, and the children love it.  In Texas we give the TPRI, a test to check phonics skill, reading skills, and fluency.  My students always progress by leaps and bounds.  I attribute the progress to using TampaReads.  Thank you so MUCH!
Caroline Gillis -
First Grade Teacher
Henrietta Elementary School
Henrietta, Texas

I love this program. My children are already excited about using it. I home school 1st, 3rd and 6th grade children and haven't seen a better program out there.
Cheryl Gaudreau
Merrimack, New Hampshire

Thank you.... its really done wonders for a little boy that I work with. Actually, you might like to know that by improving his reading so drastically through your program, the school has been forced to revisit his IEP and he's now off ritalin and out from under an ADD diagnosis and they're looking further for answers. So...from his tutor and, I'm sure from his very confused parents....thanks.
Vicki Pelton - Teacher -
Ottawa, IL

There is so much here to help my students. The personal service I received was very prompt and very helpful!
Maria Camilo -
Kindergarten Teacher
Walter M. Thompson Elem
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Thank you for your time and effort in putting together the best package I have seen to teach children how to read and read fast, fast, fast! They look forward to reading and will often read the word walls in their free time. I used the program last year with one of my sons and the Stop At The Vowel Sound Method really does work.
Fatimah Mahammad -
Home School Mom -
Stockton, California

I just joined your website.....WOW!   What a lifesaver this is! -
Mother of a 6 year old ADHD son.
Sylvia Erickson -
Aurora, IL

I used it (Hooked on Phonics) for 2 days, and put it back in the box, and went back to the ReadingKey Program. With your program the children are not limited to word families, and I also found, that with the Hooked on Phonics, when the children read the word from the middle, sometimes they would forget the first letter all together. So a word like 'him' would become 'im' because they would focus on trying to find the word family the word belonged to and skip the first letter. AND ON TOP OF THAT, there was no writing practice, worksheets, etc. with the Hooked on Phonics. All of which come with your package.
Fatimah Mahammad -
Home School Mom
Stockton, California

I can't say enough good about your program and have passed your site along to many, including a 1st grade teacher that now uses it in her class.  Thank you so much.
Linda Edwards -
Vancouver, WA

My class is reading much better than this time last year. They especially like the timed reading of the word lists. The other first grade teachers are now wanting to use your website. This is the first time I have ordered anything on the internet and have been well pleased with how everything has been handled. Once again, thank you for all your research on reading. Yesterday one of my non-readers (there are two) sounded out a word by himself for the first time and today read an entire sentence. I am using the sound out to the vowel method.
Patti Williams -
Grade 1 Teacher
Oakland Elementary Tennessee

I have a private preschool of 14 - 4 year olds and they have done AMAZING at your Kindergarten program. I just ordered 1st grade because some of them are ready to move on. - Thanks.
Heather Frias
Jesus Loves Me Daycare & Preschool
Lompoc, CA

My students are so motivated to learn the new words. Last week my students were getting ready to go to another class. They were so excited about reading the words and competing against each other (on how fast they could say the words). The students were wanting to stay in to read the words another time, needless to say we were a little late for their next class. I had several students requesting to come in after school to practice reading the words. I appreciate your commitment in helping our children become a nation of successful readers.
Pat Bentz -
Stillwell, Oklahoma

The word lists are wonderful; the words correspond with those she is reading in texts and books, thus reinforcing her learning... Your daily word lists with the unscrambling and sentence writing have helped her develop good habits for studying and decoding words... Bravo !
Nan Dolphin Masters -
Home School Parent
San Antonio, Texas

I can't tell you how much the program has helped my kids! I've taught for about 26 years now and I can't remember a program I've seen that was as helpful. I've told all the teachers in my school about it. Thank you !
Cathy Purser -
4th Grade Teacher
Bleckley County Elementary -
Cochran, Georgia

This is my second year to use your (ReadingKey) files. My fourth grader was a year behind because of a  misdiagnoses of ADD, it took a year but he was finally diagnosed with OCD. I home school him so was able to really focus on reading and phonics. I used all of your material for my second and third grader last year along with their other curriculum. Well, it worked my OCD child is reading at a 7.6 level while only 9 years old. He is very competitive so the timing of the word wall highly motivated him. I found him challenging himself farther than I ever dreamed for him. I thank-you for caring so much that children learn to read well -
Kelly McGoogan -
Rogers, Arkansas

I have tried both Sylvan Learning Center and the (TampaRead's) Program and this program has been much more successful.
Candra Crouse -
Indianapolis, Indiana

I am so impressed with your program that I would like to order the CD as well.  I have been asked by a parent to help her son with his spelling. He is eight years old, and has dyslexia. I have started him on your grade one program. Not only does he enjoy it very much, but he loves to see his progress on the wall chart. Thank you very much for a great program that enables me to help these children -
Hanna Letters -
Music teacher -
Whangarei, New Zealand

I love your material. It's awesome! -
Laurie Wilson -
Reading Tutor
St. Paul School -
Westerville, Ohio

I must say that TampaRead's (ReadingKey) has Hooked on Phonics beat... I used Hooked on Phonics (with my 9 year old son) and it was not only costly, but it didn't capture my son's attention. My 4 year old (now using the TampaRead's program) knows has ABC's and is able to tell me the sounds... He loves the phonemic awareness worksheets. I am soooo pleased with this program..
Debbie - Sacramento, California.

Your system is very effective. My session with the kids is only once a week for a duration of 1 hour. I have applied your system for only 3 sessions and I'm seeing results already.
Benny Lee - Kitakyushu - Japan

I am thoroughly enjoying using your material in my classroom this year. A second grade teacher had to cover my class recently and was amazed that my students did such a good job with their vowel sounds. She felt they were more advanced than her second graders. -
Marilyn Bandell -
Turtle Creek - Pennsylvania.

We are a home schooling family of nine children, the last three of which have been using the program for the last two months... After just this short time, I see what to me is an amazing difference. Not only that, but they are enjoying it tremendously. Of course, this means more trips to the library, but I'm not complaining about that.
Cynthia Hon -
Marion, Indiana

I have ordered your program and it is wonderful... Most programs focus just on phonics or just on sight words, your program has combined both.
Cindy Burleson - Parent - 1st Grader - Gillette, Wyoming.

My daughter is in the third grade. She was struggling with reading and teachers were offering tutoring to her that was not making a difference... We have noticed a tremendous change in her spelling and reading (since beginning the TampaRead's ReadingKey Program). Again, I really cannot thank you enough.
Janette Houston -
Plano, Texas

Thank you. I have finally found something that works for my son.
Bonita Crumley -
Sandy, Oregon

I must say that, as a teacher, I am pleased with the materials you have put together. The quality of my students' work has improved considerably in sentence structure, spelling, reading and general content. This is a most useful and helpful program which enables a feeling of accomplishment in the children, as students and me, as a teacher. - Savalia Maxwell - Teacher - Grades 1 & 2
Lac La Hache Elementary School - British Columbia - Canada

Since using TampaReads (ReadingKey) I've had an enormous amount of positive feedback from teachers who are seeing a difference in their students. They report that the kids are beginning to sound out unfamiliar words successfully for the first time, are enthusiastic about reading, and are ready to come to the resource room. It's so encouraging! -
Brenda Farris - Special Ed. Resource
J.H. Gunn Elementary -
Charlotte, North Carolina

Thank you very much for providing such an excellent resource for our homeschool!  We took our ADHD child out of school a little over a year ago because he was learning at a grade 2/3 level yet he was being placed into grade 6. After only one year he's reading at a grade 5 level! Your site has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals.  Thank you so much for providing this one-income family with an inexpensive, high quality Language Arts curriculum. -
Crystal McNerney - Home School Mom - Ontario, Canada
Email: [email protected]

Your program is really great. I find it more effective than the reading series we have right now. Since I work with Literacy Groups, it's more interesting colorful and effective. -
Rosita Davis - Reading Resource
Chicago Public Schools - District 5

I bought the 2nd grade program and love it and now have purchased the Total Reading Package CD.  Your product REALLY is excellent. -
Linda Barnett - Teacher Grade 2
Chinese American International School - San Francisco, CA

My son is reading GREAT and is totally ready for 2nd grade after only 5 months using the program!
Dina Fox - Home School Mom -
Tampa, FL

The materials featured in your website are truly remarkable. Perhaps the best selling point that you have as compared to other teaching materials is that your materials can be used and reprinted and the progress of the child can be automatically tracked.
Carmen Duque -

Your website is the best reading resource I found on the internet.
Steve Heston -
Retired Assistant Professor -
Washington University

I do love your program. I have been teaching for 27 years and have never seen anything like it for less than $30. -
Wilma - Joseph P. Kennedy Institute

You have an invaluable resource. -
Donna - Rhode Island

I started using your material just on a year ago with great success in the higher standards (Grade 6 working at grade 4/5 level). Pupils with both acute reading and spelling problems not only benefited, but showed an enthusiastic growth in their verbal use and recognition of the English language.
Mark Lynch - Principal
Glenark Remedial School - Mulbarton - Johannesburg, Africa

This is the best site I've found to teach my 5 year old to read better. -
Kimberlee Woodliffe

I love this program. There's a wealth of information provided and it definitely works. You've made teaching reading to my first graders a pleasure! -
Laura Coffee - Lewis Elementary -
Ft. Meade, FL

There is SO MUCH on your TampaReads CD (Total Reading Package) that is valuable for my 7, 10 and 13 year old children. I finally feel like I am getting somewhere after years of frustration finding appropriate workbooks for my kids. -
Pam Brager - Longley, Washington

This is one of the best resources I have found and I have referred several friends to this site as well.
Deanna Weaver

I am homeschooling my younger children and feel that your scheme makes the most sense of all those I have read about.
Gudrun Malmqvist - Kenya, Africa

I am very impressed with the amount and the quality of the product you have here! Thanks for making this available.
Margi Goode - Branford, CT

My child (autistic, age 8) had been labeled "non-verbal" by the public school special education and has just finished reading the last (TampaReads) book - Lost on Fox Hill. MY CHILD CAN READ!
Thank you.
M. M. - Home School Mom -
Tinley Park, Illinois

We just started the TampaRead's program and are really enjoying it.
My son usually asks to do more later in the day even if we are done with our Lessons! -
Brenda Boone -
Kihei, Hawaii

Our staff is so excited with the TampaReads - ReadingKey site. We are
purchasing the program this year and I definitely see a desire to purchase it again next year. -
Cindy Zamora - Media Specialist
Morrison Elementary School -
Norwalk, California

Your information is AWESOME.
Janice - Teacher in Tampa

I have just stumbled across your (ReadingKEY) site and am completely blown away by the depth and quality of what I see here. -
Pat Catalano -
Georgetown, Massachusetts

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have made two little boys, the rest of the class, and one teacher very happy.
Harold Smith - Teacher in California

I recently joined the TampaRead's program. I'm very impressed !!
My students love the pictures that go with the pre-primer worksheets. In my class I have a large number of level one students. Using the TampaReads support materials has helped them pick up skills much faster.
Carolyn Monson - Teacher -
Paul, Idaho

We began using your third-grade vocabulary list four weeks ago. Thank you for giving us a simple, fun way to increase our daughter's reading vocabulary... I highly recommend the TampaReads program! -
Cindy in Albuquerque

Your materials are outstanding. -
Pamela McFadden - Jacksonville, FL

Thanks so much, I love your program. My principal was very impressed...
Laura Coffee - Ft. Meade, FL

I think your curriculum is great. You are a jewel for sharing it. -
Jan Crenshaw - San Antonio, TX

Since we have been using this (TampaReads) method of vocabulary development my weekly vocabulary grades have improved greatly. In the past four weeks all students have earned at least a "C", with the majority scoring 87% and above.
Pamella McFadden - 4th Grade
R.L. Brown Elementary - Jacksonville, FL