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Use the TampaRead's ReadingKEY Program in your classrooms to dramatically improve reading comprehension and overall rate of progress by systematically building vocabulary and fluency. The TampaRead's ReadingKey Vocabulary Building Program covers all reading vocabulary needs for Grades K-6 and will run seamlessly alongside your current reading program.  We have several different purchase options below for providing one or more classrooms access to our Total ReadingKEY materials.

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Summary of ReadingKEY Purchase Order Options

Yearly School Site License - Cost: $550
1 Year Password Access for downloading materials from

Order # - GSSL2005

All teachers at one school receive password access to our ReadingKEY K-5 Total Reading Package Materials for one year.  Teachers receive passwords allowing them to access - print and copy materials at school and at home.  Cost for the School Site License is $550.00 which gives all school employees password access for 1 year (beginning from the date that you receive passwords).  Your teachers simply go to our main index at to download and print and copy exactly what they need.  Unlimited photocopying is always permitted with our ReadingKEY Program.  Schools with three or less teachers per grade level can purchase the ReadingKEY Site License for $295.
FAX Purchase Order to: (352) 484-1042 or mail to our address below
Questions? - Call  1-888-716-9521

Lifetime School Site License - Cost: $1295
Permanent Access CD-ROM & Lifetime free Password Access

Order # - PSSL2005

Our Lifetime Option allows one school to use the TampaRead's ReadingKEY Program year after year for just one price -  No need to reorder each year.  All teachers will have access to the ReadingKEY K-5 Total Reading Package Program.  Use the CD to install on your server (or individual computers) for providing quick access to materials.  The CD enables immediate opening of files since no connection to the internet is needed and no worrying about internet down-time.   Teachers also receive passwords for accessing materials at school and home or for accessing our other support programs (i.e. Handwriting Worksheet Maker etc.).  Cost for the Lifetime Site License CD-ROM & Lifetime password access is $1295.00.   Schools with two or less teachers per grade level can purchase the Lifetime School Site License for $795.00.  Shipping and handling included at no additional charge.
FAX Purchase Order to: (352) 484-1042 or mail to our address below:
Questions? - Call  1-888-716-9521

Yearly School District Password Site License - Cost: Varies - See Below
1 year Password Access for accessing - downloading - printing and unlimited photocopying of materials.

Order # - SDPSL2005

Gives all schools in your school district password access to the ReadingKEY Vocabulary Building Program.   We have recently received requests from school districts whose elementary schools have used our program and now wish to purchase the materials for schools in their district.  We are now making this officially available at significant reductions in price!  Below are the discounts we can provide:

2 schools - 25% off current pricing
3-9 schools - 35% off current pricing
11-20 schools - 45% off current pricing
21-30 schools - 50% off current pricing
31-50 schools - 60% off current pricing
51 or more schools - $10,000

For more information or questions on district licensing please call 1-888-716-9521.

8 Classroom Access
Password Access for 8 Teachers - any Grade -
Cost: $240
Order # - 8CA2005
Up to 8 teachers in your school receive password/download access to all ReadingKEY K-5 materials.  Passwords will remain valid for one full year.  This is an excellent way to get interested teachers involved for demonstrating to other teachers how powerful this program is for rapidly improving reading ability and test scores.  Cost for the 8 classroom password access is $240.00 -
FAX Purchase Order to: (352) 484-1042 or mail to our address below:
Questions? - Call  1-888-716-9521

1 Grade Level Access
Password access given to all classrooms in one grade -
Cost: $150
Order # - 1CA2005
Use this option when all teachers in one grade wish to implement the TampaRead's ReadingKEY Vocabulary Building Program.   This option provides an inexpensive way to get one grade into action and show other Grades a powerful method for improving test scores !  Passwords are valid for one year from date of purchase.  Cost for all grade level classroom access is $150.00 -
FAX Purchase Order to: (352) 484-1042 or mail to the address below:
Questions? - Call  1-888-716-9521

1 Teacher Access Passwords Only
Password access given to one teacher in a single classroom -
Cost: $49.95
Order # - 1TP2005

Use your passwords with any computer home or school to download - print - and then photocopy for classroom use.   You'll have easy access to all our ReadingKEY K-5 Total Reading Package.  Cost for 1 teacher password access is $49.95. 
FAX Purchase Order to: (352) 484-1042 or mail to our address below:
Questions? - Call  1-888-716-9521
If you'd like a CD for using year after year see option below.
1 Teacher CD-ROM & Free Password Access
Receive a CD and one year free password access - Cost: $99.95
Order # - 1TCD2005

One teacher can access all materials in our ReadingKEY Total Reading Package for $99.95. 
Use the CD year after year for this one time charge.  The CD also provides the benefit of no waiting for downloads and guaranteed access even when your internet connection is down.  You'll also receive free passwords for one year allowing immediate access before the CD arrives and provide you with any new updates during the year.  Passwords also give you access to our online handwriting worksheet maker - 4x5 card maker and other support materials.  Shipping and handling is included.
FAX Purchase Order to: (352) 484-1042 or mail to our address below:
Questions? - Call  1-888-716-9521

To view the actual index all teachers will use
in our ReadingKey Vocabulary Building Program
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Once we receive your Purchase Order we will send passwords
(often within a few hours) to enable you to begin using the materials immediately.
Please make sure to include an email address.

We are confident that you will be so highly impressed with the
effectiveness of these materials and techniques when compared to other reading programs
that we offer a complete 30 day money-back "satisfaction guarantee" 

FAX Purchase Orders to -  (352) 484-1042
Phone Orders - Questions - Call Us Toll Free 1-888-716-9521

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Richard W. Pressinger (M.Ed.)
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Please include your email address as we typically send passwords
 within hours to allow you immediate access to the program.

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