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Classroom  List Demonstration
The above video demonstrates the ReadingKEY Classroom Vocabulary Building Program. This 20-30 minute highly motivational procedure is extremely effective for teaching students a list of 5-7 words daily. This demonstration was given in 2011 in Miami, Fl to a school that purchased the ReadingKEY Lifetime Site License.

Student  List Demonstration
If you can provide one-on-one private instruction to a student, you absolutely must try our ReadingKEY Student List Program.
You'll be an expert reading teacher in minutees.
The video above show the ReadingKEY Student List Program being used with 2nd  Grade  student with severe learning disabilities and had been labeled a "non-reader" by school personnel.
Mr. Pressinger almost gave up after 8 minutes, but then watch the "light go on" for this amazing little girl.
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The Classroom List Program is a highly motivation and powerful technique for teaching daily vocabulary words to a classroom of students. You won't find a better way to begin every morning in an elementary classroom. Everything is organized for you. Just print the 3 pages of vocabulary words, tape together and begin the powerful memorization strategies. After completion, pass out the corresponding vocabulary worksheet to each student for practice word meaning, sentence writing and paragraph "fill-in-the-blank" completion. Guaranteed to bring smiles and chuckles to every student! Click the picture above to watch the short demonstration video and get ready to smile!

The Student Lists (also called Fluency Builder Lists) are the most powerful part of the ReadingKEY Program.  Use this technique with any student for amazing improvements in a very short period of time. The simple steps used in each list tap into how the brain efficiently transfers information from the short to long term memory.  The above video (taken the winter of 2011) shows a young girl with profound learning disabilities learn five words in 15 minutes. Although she has been in school for 3 years, and given every intervention available, she was not able to learn even these most basic words.  In this video we go through the 4 STEPS that work miracles with nearly every student who has learning difficulties. Lists can be downloaded and printed out from our website and then taped along a wall about 3 feet off the floor, hallway etc. While it typically takes 4-5 ninutes for a regular-ed student to "PASS" a list (read the words in under 3 seconds), students with mild learning disabilities typically require 5-7 minutes and students with severe learning difficulties usually need 8-12 minutes. What's exciting about this video is the fact that while this young lady has not been able to learn to read with any reading other strategy, while using the ReadingKEY Student List techniques, she was able to master (read fluently) the list words in about 15 minutes.  While this is considerably longer than typical students, the fact that she was able to master these words at all, when all other methods have failed, shows the true power behind ReadingKEY.

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