National Reading Vocabulary List
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1st Grade Reading Vocabulary

The complete 1st Grade Vocabulary List is now available for all PC compatible and Macintosh computers for immediate download.

The list contains the 340 Grade 1 Vocabulary words which students must memorize by the end of the school year to be reading "on grade level."  The word list is arranged with 3 weeks of words per page - 3 pages per nine weeks - 12 pages for the entire year.   Words are organized from the "most common" at the beginning of the list to the "lesser-common" toward the end, thereby providing you the perfect order for instruction throughout the year.   All words have been categorized into similar vowel sound categories which we've found greatly accelerates the speed in which a child learns new words.  This professional list has been written using a larger font size and wider letter spacing which makes it an excellent tool for "one-on-one" testing - designing vocabulary activities - and for presentation in any school related meeting. 

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